Literacy Tutoring

My Approach:

Children love to learn and express themselves through reading and writing.  They flourish as readers and writers when they are given time, space, personal attention and support to write, read, draw, and speak about topics and for projects that are personally meaningful to them and that have a real purpose and audience.

I customize sessions to reflect your child’s interests.  In order to strengthen the connection between the spoken and written word, students engage with mentor texts that tap into those interests, then write and/or dictate and also illustrate fiction and non-fiction stories, letters, essays, “how-to” pieces, and graphic novel-type stories.  By reading and writing on a regular basis about things that are meaningful to them, children can experience more ease with literacy in a school setting.

I would be happy to talk with you to learn more about your child’s needs.

Eleanor Traubman


“Since she started working with Eleanor in October 2014, my first grade daughter has made great strides in reading and writing. Eleanor is kind, patient, and very easy to communicate with. She has kept me in the loop with her agenda for my daughter, while giving useful feedback about how I, as the parent, can help.   Eleanor has also reached out to my daughter’s teachers in order to gain a full picture of her as a learner. Most important, my daughter looks forward to working with Eleanor, who has made a real connection with her. I appreciate the fact that Eleanor has taken time to create sessions which build on my daughter’s strengths and which reflect her personal interests.”      — Marlo Lagrimas Splitt, P.S. 58 Parent

“Eleanor has been working with my daughter on her spelling and writing skills since January of 2015. Over the course of the past 4 months, not only have I noticed an improvement, but her teacher has also remarked on her improved skills. Eleanor has gone out of her way to meet with my daughter’s teacher to discuss how best to complement and add to what she learns in the class room.  She also keeps me updated on her progress and makes thoughtful suggestions on the path forward. I see that Eleanor has engaged my daughter by identifying the topics and learning formats that best suit her interests and style. My daughter happily attends her weekly sessions and enjoys the individual attention.  I highly recommend at Eleanor as a tutor. She is easy to communicate with, clearly connects and engages with children, and goes out of her way to personalize each learning plan!”   — Irene Sabados, P.S. 29 Parent

“Eleanor taught a week-long class, The Magic of Mini Books, which my son, Omri, participated in at The Smith Street Workshop in Carroll Gardens.  Omri worked hard on a comic-style book called Barry the Cop, and included both writing and illustration.  I found Eleanor to be patient, kind, loving, creative, and fun-spirited.  Omri really enjoyed the class and was very proud of his book at the end of the week.  I highly recommend Eleanor to any student who wants to improve his or her writing skills.”
— Sharon A., Brooklyn New School Parent

“Eleanor taught a week-long Mini-Books class that my fourth-grade daughter participated in at The Smith Street Workshop. My daughter wrote and illustrated a poetry book about feelings.  The children in the class were asked to read and support each other’s work, which created a positive and bonding energy in the classroom.  Eleanor’s calm manner and enthusiasm for children’s writing provided an enriching environment for various types of learners.     — Rosalyn  S., P.S. 32 Parent

“As a children’s librarian, I have had the pleasure of hosting Eleanor’s monthly letter-writing and book-writing workshops for elementary school children and their parents and caregivers. Eleanor is skilled at setting a warm, welcoming environment for all ages, and is adept at helping young people feel confident and supported as writers. Eleanor also tutors children in our library, and I observe her as being kind, patient, and interested in pulling materials that are relevant to the interests and needs of the children with whom she works. Thanks,, Eleanor, for being such a wonderful part of our library community!”
— Jodi Shaw, Children’s Librarian

“Our daughter recently turned 9 and completed the 3rd grade. Her literacy work in school became significantly more challenging this past year, and her teachers encouraged us to put her in a summer program to give her a boost for the 4th grade.  We found out about Eleanor’s literacy tutoring services through the NYC School Help newsletter.  I especially liked that she was a Bank Street alumna, and our initial impressions of Eleanor were very positive.  She took the time to speak to both me and my daughter’s learning specialist to gain a picture of my daughter’s strengths and and challenges, and to learn about what literacy work she was engaged in at school.  Eleanor also came to our home to meet my daughter in person. When our daughter started to see Eleanor in August, she easily fell into a comfortable cadence with her.  Eleanor had a warm and nurturing demeanor.  She was also attentive to cater the sessions to our daughter’s learning style, and kept their activities fun, creative, and interactive. At the end of her summer sessions, our daughter asked if she could continue to see Eleanor when school started.  We were sad when our summer sessions were over, and we’d highly recommend Eleanor!
— Ufasaha Yarish, Corlears School Parent

“My son began working with Eleanor during his first grade year, and has continued to do so into his second grade year. Through discussions with my son, his teachers, and me, Eleanor discovered what motivates him as a learner and what kind of books he likes. She continues to adapt to his growth and needs, both long-term and session-to-session. Amid the perceived pressures of school, my son and I both respond well to her patient, calm demeanor and ability to create an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement for student and parent alike. Best of all, he genuinely enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and making books with Eleanor.”      — Jenny Fox, P.S. 261 Parent

“Eleanor has been working with our first grade son around reading and writing since the spring of 2015. The difference in our son’s interest and ability is marked, and his time with Eleanor has helped him in other ways as well. She encourages him to explore and ask questions about books which both mirror and spark his curiosity about a wide variety of subjects. Eleanor has also taken the time to speak with our son’s teacher as well as to visit us in our home in order to get the fullest picture of our child. As a result, her sessions with him reflect her understanding of both his learning style and his interests.”
— John Thomas Longo, P.S. 58 Parent